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Q: How long is my new home warranty?

A: Your new home has a one year warranty against faulty workmanship, but many of the materials carry longer manufacturer warranties as well. 

Q: Will the cost of my home end up being more than its listed for when completed?

A: No, if you buy one of our homes there will be no big surprises at the end like with some builders. Our list price includes our standard features listed with the plan. The only price increases happen if you make modifications or upgrades to the plan, which must be priced and authorized first.

Q: If I do end up needing warranty repair, how do I go about it and can I trust it will get done with no hassles?

A: Should you ever need any warranty work done its as easy as sending us a message though our website. You will be contacted by one of our representatives and repairs will be promptly handled. You can trust in a New Artisan Homes warranty because we strive to have happy customers and a great reputation you can trust!

Q: Do I have to haggle to get the best deal like buying a car?

A: No! We competitively price our homes to give the buyer the most house for their money. We buy in bulk and negotiate great prices to pass the most savings onto our buyers.

Q: Does the asking price include everything like the price of the land, permits, etc.?

A: Yes! All of our prices are for a turn key move in ready home.

Q: I'm a first time homebuyer and I don't even know where to start or how to go about getting financing, can New Artisan Homes help me?

A: Yes we can! We love working with first time buyers and helping to turn the dream of owning a home into a reality. Just contact us and let one of our experienced representatives help you navigate the path to homeownership.

Q: Buying a house is so expensive, can I really afford a new home with the down payment?

A: We work with our buyers to to make owning a home as easy and affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. We have multiple lenders we work with to offer competitive rates, and minimum or in some cases *0 money down on the purchase of a new home.

Q: Do you work with VA and FHA buyers?

A: We work all buyers and New Artisan Homes is a VA registered builder so working with our service men and women is a breeze. We also offer **additional discounts  for our Veterans.

*No money down financing may not be available at all New Artisan Homes communities. Additional low down payment financing options may be available. Credit and income restrictions do apply. For more information consult an independent mortgage specialist.

**Additional discounts for veterans may be subject to credit and income restrictions, lender specials and New Artisan Homes specials. Additional discounts for veterans may not be available at all New Artisan Homes communities. 

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